How secure is your home? You might be surprised to find out that your home is not as protected as you believe it to be. In fact, many homeowners are not properly securing their homes against burglaries or home invasion. Some are even unknowingly taking part in behaviors that make their home a magnet for intruders. These security mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

Mistakes of the Past 

In years past, families would often leave a key under a door mat or possibly inside a potted plant to find easy access into a home. That type of mistake made for easy access for criminals hoping to enter a home without difficulty. 

While many of us have learned our lesson about leaving access to a home in a place where others can easily spot it to find it, we are still making some fairly obvious mistakes when it comes to our home’s security. 

To help our readers understand that some things in and around your home can either deter a burglar or attract them to your home, we are creating this short list of security mistakes that go well beyond leaving a key under the mat. 

Neglecting to Arm the Security System 

Many homeowners feel as though once they install a security system the rest is a piece of cake. 

Well yes, getting a home security system can be a huge plus for deterring criminals. According to the FBI’s 2018 Uniform Crime Report, 36.7% of burglaries were unlawful or unforced entry. Break-ins like these can be thwarted with a properly functioning security system. But this only happens if the system is armed!Set the system every time you leave the house, even if it is only for a short trip to the store or pick up your child from school.

Leaving Valuables In View 

Criminals often visit a residence more than once before they attempt to gain entrance. Leaving expensive items in view can actually attract a criminal to make a return visit and attempt entrance. Put away expensive items like laptops, tablets, and jewelry so they are not seen from first floor windows. Other items like cars, stereo equipment, or televisions are not as easy to hide but they can be kept out of view in a garage or cabinet. 

Allowing Bushes to Block Windows

Your choices in landscaping may cause intruders to target your home. For instance, large bushes or trees that block windows may be aesthetically pleasing but they also allow for cover when an intruder is trying to find a way into your home. Keep bushes trimmed and low so they do not cover windows or give cover for an intruder to use. 

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Failing to Light Your Property

Most homeowners consider keeping a light on inside the house when they are not home, but few think about having lighting that will startle an intruder should they cause it to turn on outside the home. By installing motion sensitive lights around your home’s perimeter, (and especially around entry points such as a garage or door,) you will potentially stop a thief from entering your property. 

Posting on Social Media 

While you may want to let your friends and family know that you and your family have jetted off to some tropical location, realize that you may be inviting someone to enter your home by doing so. Keep your trips under wraps until you return, then post your vacation images online. 

Have you made some of these mistakes? Talk to our security specialist about installing a home security system as well as some practical ways you can keep your home protected this year.