French doors are a beautiful addition to any home. They often feature large glass panes that allow ample natural light inside, adding extra charm and appeal to your living space.

Although they are an alluring addition, French doors have security issues. Because they meet in the middle, they are more vulnerable than other types of doors, providing a unique opportunity for intruders when installed as an outside entrance.

If you already have French doors or are considering getting them, here’s how to secure French doors to keep your home protected.

Ensure Proper Installation

French doors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can both swing inward and outward. Before you install, ensure you have the measurements exact for a proper fitting. Don’t forget to take the swinging area and direction into account as well.

An improperly fitted french door provides substantial security risks. When installing, you can go the DIY route. However, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure the best installation.

Use Glass Security Film

Glass security film can reinforce your French door’s windows without diminishing the natural light shining through, greatly enhancing its security and durability. In the event of glass shatter, the film holds the window together even though the glass is broken.

Security window film is only a few millimeters thick and attaches to both sides of the windowpane. You can also remove the window panel and just use the film for protection. You can even add security film to already installed French doors or have them equipped before installation.

Install Additional Locks

Homeowners can maximize their home security by reinforcing their French doors in a variety of different ways. These include:

  • Screwing the passive door permanently in place
  • Installing a deadbolt
  • Installing a keyed entry point

Homeowners can attach brackets or screws to the top of the passive door to keep it shut in place. You can always remove them if you want to open the door.

Another option is installing a deadbolt to your French doors. If somebody forgets to lock the doors, they can easily be opened. Deadbolts prevent the door from opening all the way.

You can even install a keyed entry to the active door. Having a keyed entry can help remind you to lock your doors. And don’t forget, you can always try one or more of the locks above to reinforce your French doors.

Utilize Smart Home Equipment

When securing French doors, you can also utilize smart security options such as smart locks or doorbell cameras. A smart lock can ensure you never get locked out of your home, while also keeping your door secured. And a doorbell camera gives you a clear view whenever someone is at your door.

If you already have security cameras placed around or home or you are considering getting them, you should place one by your French doors. Sensors and glass-break detectors are another great security measure that will alert you if the door is opened or glass is broken. And if you need more advice on how to protect your home, don’t hesitate to contact Calgary Security today.